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About Us

The Nine Queens is a leading Software Development company offering its inimitable proficiency and end to end services. We are greatly pivoted on latest technology. Established half a decade ago, The Nine Queens aims to render its clients top notch, scalable, sustainable and dynamic software solutions.


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Web Application Development

At The Nine Queens, we render our top notch services in web application development. We also use the latest framework to enhance the quality and performance of our product. Our next generation web applications help businesses to enhance their possibilities and accelerate their productivity. We also provide an exclusive in-depth insight into our client's requirements. Our services are very flexible and highly scalable.

Android Application Development

We create and maintain impactful and compatible, stable android applications along with backend for our clients. Our aim is to provide products that are user friendly and leave a long term good impression on the businesses. We use Ruby on rails for the same.

Website Development

We have expertise in developing highly technically superior, compatible and dynamic websites along with backend, using Ruby on Rails. We understand and implement latest research to produce high end, super engaging and powerful, bold websites that shall directly increase the brand value of our client. Our services shall help you expand your reach in the market.



A food delivery service.

FeedR, is a food grocery and bakery ordering and delivering service based out of Dehradun, India, FeedR, was inspired by the thought of providing a complete ordering and delivering solution from around the neighbourhood. A single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants, grocery and bakeries we have our own exclusives fleet delivery personnel to pick up orders from deliver it to customers(for grocery).


Our team comprises one of the most unique and compatible set up. Not only do we have experts leading us, but also freshers to pitch in new and remarkable ideas. We come from a very diverse background and are united towards a single goal of making businesses more efficient. Our workplace is haven for those who enjoy friendly competition coupled with the urge to be better day by day. As a team, we love challenging the obsolete ways of technology and hence, we try our best to improve it. Get to know our interesting lives a bit more below!

Rajkumar Saini

One of the brilliant brains behind our organization, Rajkumar Saini, is officially our co-founder. He is the mastermind of all our projects and has a very futuristic vision. Raj is very hard working and determined in nature. He is one of those who prefers smart work and is passionate about programming as well as product management.Reflecting potential at a very young age, Raj constituted the core team of DTU AUV and represented it at regional and international conferences. He has always established a professional pinnacle in his career so far, be it with Amazon, Adobe, Caroobi, D.E.Shaw or Right Relevance. Raj has had an exemplary work profile in Google and Epic Systems.

Arpit Gupta

An Android Enthusiast, Arpit Gupta has a affinity towards developing new android apps and websites. As our team member, he strives hard to accomplish his daily goals. He has been a coordinator at Google’s Developer Group for the past 2 years and has created very uselful applications which are changing lives of people. One such example is the app for Josh Talks which was also featured in Economic Times and Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. He is a waffle-lover and owns his waffles' shop in Delhi. Join him for a conversation over coffee and waffle anytime.

Garvit Gupta

Garvit is the head of business development of our organization and has a lot of in hand experience not just in the field of Website development but also in graphic designing. We consider his creative insight and analytical abilities a boon to the Nine queens.As an associate consultant at EY, he has had a chance to solve issues pertaining to businesses in different countries such as South Africa and Philippines. Having worked with UPCL, ITC, Garvit aspires to club his talents and potential to build this organization into one of the leading ones.